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Constructing an online store for a furniture company


Wurfel required building a completely new WordPress website, that was fully functional and could convert people online, as well as bring them into their multiple in-person locations. On the design front, the website had to reflect their modern and European sense of design. Of course, it also had to be very well optimized for SEO, in order to convert it’s local client base.

Challenge VS SOLUTION:

The challenge for this project was primarily on the development side. While they had some base structure already built for the website, most of the website still had to have functionality added in, including the function and design for both the store locator and e-commerce areas. The back-end of the website was built within Elementor, along with a host of other plugins to contribute towards the various functions of the website. A secondary challenge would be the volume of products. The company offers dozens of products to its customers, which needs to be reflected in both the design of the pages, as well as the website’s sitemap.

“Wonderful experience working with Johnathon! He was quick to respond and quality of work was outstanding. Highly recommended!”

– Wurfel


This design centered around their product offerings: modern furniture and home decor. This took on the form of a website that utilizes a stark contrast between white and black, with pictures and videos to help draw the potential customers’ attention. 

furniture ecommerce store web design
furniture ecommerce store web design

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