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A law firm had a poorly built website, from both a technical and design perspective. Client wanted to make significant design improvements as well, and their old firm wasn’t able to assist. Starting from the ground up, we rebuilt the website, and worked with the client to generate a more appealing design that would better convert potential clients. The website was also optimized to perform better on Google and the other search engines. This was accomplished within about one and a half weeks of work, including clean-up and final tweaks.

Challenge VS SOLUTION:

The challenge with this project was primarily from a technical perspective. The website was running a custom theme which was poorly optimized, in addition to Elementor Page Builder. Combined with minimal amounts of speed optimization and security, the end result was a slow and insecure mess of a site that was loading twice the files it should’ve been. 

By trimming out the excess files, and replacing the theme with a much faster one, the website became significantly faster. Speed, security, and SEO optimization services were also performed. Ultimately, it became much more attractive, and better able to convert potential clients due to its improved speed and design.

“Johnathon was excellent. He implemented every idea that I had and was able to redesign my website quickly. Was great with communicating what he was doing and what still needed to be done. Thanks again Johnathon.”

– Miller and Miller Law Group


This design moved forward with a more professional design, that was better optimized for web. The mobile and tablet versions were similarly altered, to maintain consistency across the different platforms. The client wished for the website to look more professional and modern, and we delivered to the best of our ability. The client was ultimately very satisfied, and we hope to work with them in the future.

law firm web design
law firm web design

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