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3D Printing Dublin

Building a 3d manufacturer's website


3D Printing Dublin is a fairly long-term client of ours, and they were interested in taking their website to the next stage, to strengthen their ability to convert as well as their SEO “juice”. The website was already taking in a significant amount of traffic and contacts, though we saw some strong points for improvement that coincided with the client’s preferences for the redesign.

Challenge VS SOLUTION:

The challenge for this project was primarily on the design side. Redeveloping a website, without losing linking structure, web copy, or anything else vital to the website’s SEO potential was challenging, though the redesign had to accomodate all of that and more. It also had to factor in a revamped blog area, and multiple landing pages for various industries and locations that the business wanted to target. Ultimately, through a mix of WordPress, Elementor, and sweat and tears, the website not only looked much more modern, but it was much more powerful. It’s reached a high point in it’s marketing capabilities as well, and has a much greater reach on Google.

“Johnathon built my new website from the ground up and completed the project very quickly. He responded to my enquiries quickly in a calm and efficient manner. His knowledge of WordPress is impressive and he is a total professional. Johnathon is also looking after my SEO requirements and is writing a weekly blog. I look forward to working with Johnathon and the rest of SEOpologist on a regular basis.”

– 3D Printing Dublin


This design moved forward with a more professional design, that was equally optimized for mobile and desktop. Beautiful HD videos decorate header banners and other vital areas, to give it more life and draw visitors’ attentions. It’s designed to not only convert, but to look good while obtaining potential customers’ information.

3d printing store web design
3d printing store web design

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