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What’s Online Marketing? Part 3

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What’s Website Marketing SEOpologist?

Wow. This one’s pretty vast. Let’s narrow it down a bit:

  • A regular website, for a small business or other company. Usually has around 10-20 pages, or more if it’s really gunning for SEO. Or just a very large company.
  • A landing page. Normally 1-3 pages, in the event more information or a thank you page is added. Commonly used for new businesses and PPC campaigns.
  • A one page website. Not to be confused for a landing page, this format is just one page. They typically have a ton of information on it, to make up for the lack of additional pages. Really not recommended for SEO, as it goes against many of its core tenets.
  • A forum website. Honestly is what the name suggests. Pages upon pages devoted to different topics, with a few pages like “About”, “Privacy Policy”, and “Rules” to give some background on the company. Also not recommended for SEO, at least in terms of selling services. That said, websites like have an incredibly high Alexa rank, so it’s entirely possible for forum websites to rank on Google.
  • An ecommerce website. Like a regular website, but with a platform installed that lets it sell products to potential customers. Best ones are Shopify and Woocommerce. Entirely possible to rank on Google by optimizing the website for SEO, and can do pretty well in PPC campaigns with a talented web designer.

I could go on for quite a while, but I think at this point you get the gist. Ultimately, some websites have good potential to rank on Google, while others don’t. Some don’t need to, like a landing page, while others aren’t configured well for that purpose, like a one page website.

How About Mobile Marketing?

Mobile marketing is probably one of the most important aspects of a website, as an incredible amount of people use Google on their phones to find the information or services that they require. Literally over 60% of users on Google search for information or a business. That means having a website that can convert a mobile user, and look good to one, is absolutely essential. This requires two things:

  • A web designer that can design a mobile-first website.
  • A website.

While one of these things is more obvious than the other, both are necessary if you want your business to convert mobile users successfully.


FRED isn’t actually anything, though it does highlight how many odd-sounding acronyms are present in the digital marketing industry. Stay smart, and don’t be FRED-ed.

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