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What’s Online Marketing? Part 2

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What’s Good SEO?

Good news, good SEO is pretty straightforward. You always want to abide by what is known as “white hat SEO”, aka following the best practices. These best practices are primary detailed by Google on their blog, but Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines also have their own preferences and ways of handling SEO-related attributes. Google, however, is the primary website to go to for a Search Engine Results Page (better known as a SERP), and receives over one trillion searches per year.

“Black hat SEO”, a practice which can easily get your website banned from appearing on a SERP, is not recommended. 

Naturally, I’m recommending you follow “white hat SEO”.


What’s “White Hat SEO”?

“White hat SEO” embodies the practice of having quality content and links, using meta and alt tags, having a sitemap on your website, and ensuring fast load times on your website. In order to write quality content, it’s recommended that you purchase a keyword research tool, such as Moz or SEMrush. It’ll provide insight into what keywords to rank for, which you can then add into content and tags on your website. When adding links to your website, it’s recommended you have 1-2 outbound and inbound links, like in this blog post. I have two links that go to outside sources, and one link at the bottom of this post that goes to my contact page.

Meta tags encompass a pretty wide variety, but the most important ones are the header tags and the alt tags. Header tags range from H1 to H6, and will tell a SERP like Google the structure of content. These tags should be seventy characters or less, so don’t use them in paragraphs. Additionally, you’ll only want to use one H1 and one H2 tag. Alt tags are attached to images, and serve as written versions of what the picture it’s attached to is showing. It’s used to help the blind ‘see’ pictures, and it’s recommended for all images that aren’t decorative. 


How Can You Run a Successful PPC Campaign?

Like in the section above, our look into PPC will primarily focus on Google. The ads posted there generally receive many more hits than Bing Ads, so you’ll get more traffic. In a Google Ads campaign, Google will recommend some basic tips and keywords to go for. However, these tips can only go so far. Additionally, you’ll have to keep track of your budget. I would recommend you set a daily maximum and a campaign maximum. This will ensure that the campaign doesn’t spend too much too quickly, and prevent the campaign from charging your card forever. If you’d like to have a managed Google Ads campaign, be sure to look for reviews on their past jobs.


Do You Have Questions About SEO or PPC?

If you have questions on SEO or PPC, would like to have “white hat SEO” performed on your website, or you wish to start a managed Google Ads campaign, please contact me

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