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What Is WPBakery and Why Do You Need It?

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Website design has evolved a great deal. Once, everything had to be hand-coded. Today, that’s not the case. You’ll find a wide range of WYSIWYG editors out there, including WordPress. WPBakery is a page builder plug-in designed specifically for WordPress (the WP in the plug-in’s name).

What Does WPBakery Do?

WPBakery is a page builder and is designed to deliver responsive website design capabilities without any prior design knowledge. It allows users to drag and drop different various elements onto the page to customize the design and functionality.

Does WPBakery Work with My Theme?

One of the defining elements of WordPress is its use of themes to allow website owners to create evocative websites without having to start from scratch. WPBakery is designed to work with any WordPress theme, ensuring that any business can completely customize its website.

Does WPBakery Support Custom Branding?

Building a branded website is critical so that your business isn’t lost in a sea of lookalike sites. WPBakery offers multiple ways to tie your website’s design into your existing brand, including a built-in skin builder that allows you to choose colors that align with your branding elements or business personality, customizable templates, content elements, and add-ons.

It also features an extendable API that ensures it is developer friendly. That allows businesses to partner with innovative web design firms to create advanced functionality, from customer-facing web applications to back-end functionality that supports business objectives.

Building Your Customized Website

At SEOpologist, we specialize in WordPress and we’re fluent in WPBakery Page Builder. Our goal is to create a branded, customized website that aligns with your company’s values and delivers the experience your visitors deserve. Contact us today to learn more about how we can bring your online presence to life.

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