What is Hubspot and How Can It Help Me?

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As a business, you’re (hopefully) constantly looking for ways to improve your company and service. For online businesses, the constant need to evolve, adapt, and improve is even more pressing because of the sheer amount of competition that are looking to steal your customers. Fortunately, the internet also makes it easier to manage the various aspects of your business through software like Hubspot.

What is Hubspot’s Goal?

Hubspot is a software company and program that aims to help your business grow through a suite of tools. They bring together the various aspects of digital marketing together under a single umbrella, to make things easier to manage for small and large teams alike. From acquiring new customers to fostering returning sales, their goal is to help you sell more.

What Does Hubspot Offer?

Depending on a variety of factors, like the size of your business, the number of employees or departments you have, and whether or not your website is already established, the right HubSpot plan for you may vary. However, they have something for everyone and when used together, they’re a comprehensive online business tool.

Hubspot CRM

HubSpot’s CRM (customer relationship management) program is their most popular program. It offers a free way for businesses to keep track of their customer profiles, making it easier to nurture leads and transfer potential customers down the pipeline to the appropriate department. Every member of your team can see any interaction with the customer, from emails to live chat or call logs on a neatly organized board. Most importantly, the CRM integrates with the other hubs seamlessly.

Marketing Hub

The marketing hub streamlines the digital marketing process that many smaller businesses overlook – robust content creation. It makes it simple to create customized landing pages for different sources of traffic, and generate email templates to send out to your contact list. It also tracks any interactions that these efforts produce. Automated email series and follow-ups keep leads in the pipeline until they can’t help but become a paying customer, all while keeping a log of their interactions to help inform the sales team how to best close the deal.

Sales Hub

Hubspot’s sales hub makes it simple to identify and close the deal with potential leads that the marketing hub lines up. With it, you can cut down on the time spent organizing information, and figure out how to engage with potential customers. The software allows you to track who is opening your sales emails, who is clicking links, and where they are going once they visit your site. With that information available, a sales team knows exactly how to best approach the customer to complete a sale, or follow up if the sale doesn’t happen right away.

Service Hub

Customer service is not only essential for converting new customers, but also plays a critical role in returning sales that can really increase profits. The service hub allows your website to implement a live chat system that is manned by bots that can answer simple questions, saving valuable time for your service agents and providing 24/7 help. For live chats, it also lets you create pre-written responses to FAQs, and even see chat history with that customer to save time and shorten the average customer service time. After the sale, the tool makes it easy to collect feedback from customers that can shape your business going forward, all while showing customers that their experience is important to you.


The newest addition to Hubspot’s suite of software is their content management system (CMS). This program integrates many of the services they offer into a drag-and-drop website builder that simplifies the various aspects of owning an online business. The CMS includes security management, SEO recommendations, translation, simple content creation tools, and more as you upgrade your plan (starting at $300 per month). 

To put it simply, Hubspot’s CMS hub is an all-in-one solution that takes the various tools and plugins that make up many custom websites (like WordPress) and puts them in one place for simplicity, similar to how Shopify makes eCommerce easy out of the box.

Upgrade Your Business Management with Hubspot

If you’re an online business owner, Hubspot can help you improve your marketing, sales, and customer service efficiency. While it may not be essential to get the full suite of tools for a smaller business, anyone with intentions to grow should consider investing in a CRM solution such as Hubspot. If you’d like assistance transitioning to HubSpot, or have some questions about it, contact a certified HubSpot Solutions Partner today.

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