How to Build Your Site for More Conversions

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Is your website struggling to see results even though you’ve spent a fortune on marketing? If your bounce rate is growing and your conversion rate is not, your problem may be related to your website’s conversion strategies.

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) refers to strategies that help convert visitors into customers or members by persuading them to take advantage of your offer. With the right strategies, you can spend less on advertising and see greater results just by creating an effective website designed with CRO in mind.

5 Strategies to Convert More Customers

Direct The Eye to Calls to Action

Do you remember the early days of the internet where intrusive, flashing, and obnoxious banner advertisements littered websites? Thanks to this bombardment of marketing, internet users have trained themselves to avoid cluttered messes and anything resembling them.

To combat “banner blindness”, it’s important that you keep the design of the site simple. The use of white space and accent colors makes it easier for the most important elements of your page – usually your offer or product call to action (CTA) – to stick out and lead your visitor down the marketing funnel as they follow the focal points down the screen.

Make Your CTAs Clear

Not all calls to action are created equal. While capturing the visitor’s attention is important, if you don’t do anything with it you’ll lose the chance to convert them to a customer.

When you use a button to attempt to convert a lead, make it clear what clicking that button offers. Are they claiming a free product, getting a discount, or joining an exclusive mailing list? Simple “Get Started” and “Sign Up” don’t quite get the same message across – and if you’re collecting personal information or asking the visitor to complete a task, you’d better have a good selling point to coax that conversion.

Instill FOMO

Once you have a customer in your marketing funnel, you’re on the clock. According to the 15-second rule, you have about 15 seconds to convince a visitor to stay on your website. Even if they are interested in what you’re offering, they may still try to leave and come back later when they’ve considered other options. But if a visitor leaves your website, the odds of them coming back and you converting them drops dramatically (and takes your marketing dollars with them).


“FOMO”, or fear of missing out, occurs when there is a limited time or quantity offer that you are pushing to visitors. In an effort to get them to make a decision now before they leave, you can use FOMO-inducing language on your CTAs to attempt to make the conversion immediately. Language that includes “now”, “today”, or “limited time” as well as time-based conditions can help push a customer to make their decision immediately which helps increase the chances of converting them.

Speed Up Your Site

Nobody wants to wait around. If your website is taking more than 2 seconds to load, you’re below the average and customers may decide to move on before they’ve even given you a chance.

Depending on your platform, there are a variety of tools, plugins, and strategies to decrease load times. It’s best to work with an experienced website designer in Calabasas to ensure you minimize the loading time without sacrificing the user experience.

Optimize For Mobile

With billions of mobile devices in use throughout the world, it’s crucial to ensure that your website doesn’t alienate them with poor mobile optimization.

All websites should be responsive – especially stores – so that potential customers on any device can access your site and you can convert them to customers.

Maximize Your Website’s Conversion Rate with Expert Web Design in Calabasas

When it comes to creating an effective website that converts, there is far more to it than you may expect. To ensure that your website works, looks, and converts properly, consider working with an expert web designer in Calabasas.

With years of experience creating high-converting landing pages and websites, SEOpologist can help you refine your brand and message with a beautiful, fully responsive, and effective website for your business.

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