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The Problem

This is for a completely new drink brand focusing on ceremonial grade matcha beverages. The drink brand would have to compete with the likes of Starbucks and other well established organizations, in order to have a real chance at surviving in this very competitive marketplace.

The Solution

The client wanted a sleek e-commerce website design with weekly SEO blogs to draw in visitors. We collaborated on how to highlight the brand’s unique qualities and we built content that showcased their products. We have also been writing essential SEO content for MatchaKo on a long-term monthly basis.


Through brand awareness and careful attention, MatchaKo had their first web presence created for their premium matcha beverages. Our team worked within Shopify and molded the website to have a clean and inviting presence that showcases their canned drinks. We oversee the SEO work being performed on an ongoing basis, and write regular reports to inform them of their impact on Google and other SERPs. Thanks to the efforts and skills of our team, MatchaKo has gathered and retained a loyal customer base.
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