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Little Boosties

Health & Wellness

Social Media Marketing

The Problem

Little Boosties, a new business, needed to establish brand awareness and build a dedicated following on Instagram before their product launch. With no existing audience, they faced the challenge of attracting interest and generating excitement for their upcoming product.

The Solution

We implemented a data-driven social media marketing strategy focused on Instagram growth. We created a dedicated Instagram page with engaging content that resonated with the target audience of health-concious parents of young children. We launched paid advertising campaigns to reach a wider audience and continuously analyzed performance, continuously adapting strategy to optimize results.


Through targeted content, audience engagement tactics, and paid advertising, the project successfully generated significant growth for Little Boosties on Instagram. Within 3-4 months of posting, the follower base grew by over 700. This strong foundation on Instagram will be crucial for brand awareness and sales success during the product launch.
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