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Calabasas Center for Natural Health

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Social Media Marketing

The Problem

The Calabasas Center for Natural Health, a health and wellness center, felt their existing social media presence lacked professionalism and visual consistency. This inconsistency could portray a less trustworthy and reliable image to potential patients. Additionally, they aimed to expand their follower base organically, without relying on paid advertising.

The Solution

For this project, we focused on creating a more professional and visually appealing brand image for the Calabasas Center for Natural Health’s social media profiles. We designed a new brand image and developed effectinve post-styling strategies. This ensured a cohesive and polished online presence that reflected the center’s professionalism.


By revamping their social media brand image and adopting consistent post-styling, we successfully improved the Calabasas Center for Natural Health’s online presentation. This resulted in a gain of around 50 new followers organically, demonstrating the positive impact of a strong visual presence on audience growth. A more established and trustworthy social media presence can attract new patients and establish the center as a leader in the natural health and wellness community.
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