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Bed and Biscuit Ithaca



The Problem

Bed & Biscuit Ithaca, a personalized dog and cat boarding/daycare resort located in the beautiful countryside of Ithaca, lacked an effective online marketing strategy and faced challenges reaching their target audience, generating leads, and fostering community engagement. Their existing efforts struggled to leverage digital platforms such as Google, Facebook, and other online channels, to maximize their reach and cultivate a vibrant community of pet owners. Engagement levels were low, and paid advertisements were largely nonexistent.

The Solution

We focused on targeting their primary audience of local residents within 25 miles, along with students and professors at nearby Cornell University. We host and manage their website, and have implemented various ad campaigns on Google and Facebook. These campaigns have been very successful so far, netting them over 100 lead form submissions across 3 months, at a low average lead cost.


By implementing a new and highly targeted marketing strategy across relevant platforms such as Google and Facebook, Bed & Biscuit Ithaca had a significant increase in visibility, followers, and community engagement which generated a higher volume of leads, increased bookings, and elevated their business to a new level of success.
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