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Bluehost Offering New Customers Free WordPress Migration

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Hosting plays a major role in the speed and reliability of your website, with both factors heavily influencing your success as an online business. Finding the right plan means securing enough resources to handle any traffic you may experience so that you can keep the visitors you earn.

WordPress is a hugely popular content management system (CMS) for all kinds of businesses, but especially new businesses. The ease of use and fast startup means that you can get a basic website up to establish an online presence without a major time or financial investment. However, as you grow, so do the requirements of your website – and your hosting needs to keep up.

If you find yourself waiting on pages to load or having customers complain about your site’s uptime, it may be time to upgrade your hosting. But, migrating your WordPress site can be too complex for many business owners, and plugins to help can get costly.

How Bluehost Can Help

Fortunately, new Bluehost customers can enjoy the benefits of a hosting plan that suits their needs without worrying about the migration process. When signing up for new hosting with Bluehost, you can get managed migration done for you for free. This includes redirects to new pages, database management, and other small tasks that take up your valuable time.

Plans with Bluehost start at $3.95 per month for new customers, with a free domain, multisite support, and automated backups included to make managing your website a breeze.

Upgrade Your Website Simultaneously with Expert Web Development

Is your website everything you want it to be? As your business grows, you may need additional functionality you didn’t plan for initially or just want a fresh look to excite customers.

Whether you plan to upgrade your existing site post-migration or just want to commit to a new site entirely, SEOpologist can help. As a full service agency, SEOpologist can improve your online presence at every step of the way. From web design to SEO optimization and PPC marketing, there’s no better way to upgrade the user experience than with reliable hosting and effective web design.

Get in touch today for a quote. 

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