Benefits of Using Domains.com to Register Your Domain

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Your domain plays a major role in the success of your business. It is where new and returning customers go to buy from you. It is the identity of your website on the internet and a major marketing tool that sets the tone for the rest of your brand. The right domain name can even improve your search engine rankings, so getting it right from start to finish is essential to long term success.

When it comes to choosing your domain registrar, there are a lot of options to choose from. There is an option for every budget, technical requirement, and experience level. So, finding a company that offers a balance of all 3 can make life much easier for business owners.

Domains.com offers just about all of the most important tools and benefits you may need at an affordable price. Keep reading to learn why they may be the right company to register your domain with.

4 Reasons to Use Domains.com for Your Domain

Protection from Expiration or Theft

Nothing is worse than getting the perfect website setup, a thriving marketing campaign, and sales coming in just to have it disappear overnight. In many cases, this happens because you forget to renew your domain before the current term expires, freeing it to be purchased by anyone who realizes your mistake. Fortunately, Domains.com offers auto renew protection which automatically keeps your products under your control without requiring you to keep up with it on your own.

To help avoid domain theft from hacking attempts, Domains.com also offers domain locking which adds additional steps and time to any transfers of ownership. If a security breach happens, there is time to stop the transfer before it is too late.

Control Over Domain Forwarding and DNS

Even if you’re not a tech-savvy business owner, the tools to manage your domain effectively can be incredibly useful to have when you need them. With Domains.com, you’re able to handle domain forwarding, create subdomains, manage the domain nameservers (DNS) being used, and more from a single control panel on their website. This means it is easy to buy similar domain names and redirect them to your main site to avoid mistaken identities through typos or malicious intent. You can also create multiple subdomains off of your main domain to expand your website with just a few clicks.

Discounts for Bulk Registrations

Looking to register multiple domains for a network of websites, or to protect your company name? Domains.com makes it easy (and cheaper) to register more domains at once. You can then manage them all within your account with ease.

Offers Hosting, Email, and More For Your Site

A website needs more than just a domain to get up and running, so using a hosting service through your registrar can be a simple way to get everything you need in one spot. Domains.com offers hosting through a variety of methods like CPanel, WordPress, and even dedicated servers for businesses with major resource requirements. You’ll also find marketing tools like search engine optimization (SEO) services, custom webmail, and security certificates that are available on the site, helping you to complete your online business.

Get Started On Your New Site with SEOpologist & Domains.com

If you’re ready to start your online presence or want to expand your current business network, Domains.com offers affordable and reliable domain services that can make it easy.

Once you have your ideal domain secured and your hosting chosen, reach out to the SEOpologist for expert web development that’ll jumpstart your new website quickly and effectively, so you can start building your digital brand immediately.

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