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3 Best Elementor Add-Ons

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Elementor is an incredible tool that makes building web pages and websites easier than coding. However, even the Pro version of the plugin has some shortfalls that can make it harder to achieve the look and functionality you want.

Fortunately, Elementor works well with a number of add-ons that add more elements, widgets, and templates to work with as well as additional features to help save you time and money when developing a website.

3 Exceptional Elementor Add-Ons

Essential Add-Ons for Elementor

Essential Add-Ons (EA) for Elementor comes in both a free version through as well as a premium version through the Essential Add-Ons website. The premium plan is currently $40 for a single month, $70 for unlimited sites per year, or $175 for lifetime support and unlimited sites.

The free version of EA adds 12 free elements to the existing Elementor elements which includes advanced versions of the gallery, post grid, tabs, accordions, and pricing table. The premium version adds interactive elements and advanced versions of other elements like tooltips, promo cards, and maps. These elements provide more options for designers to use without the need for custom code, speeding up the design process and extending functionality of the page builder.

Along with the premium subscriptions, you’ll receive 3-6 months of Templately which provides over 1000 landing pages and full-site templates to cut down on the time it takes to design an effective website.

Ultimate Addons for Elementor

Ultimate Addons for Elementor is a paid extension that adds multiple widgets, templates, pre-built blocks, and additional functionality to the page builder. It can be purchased for $70 per year for unlimited sites or $250 for a lifetime membership that does not need to be renewed.

Ultimate Addons includes 40 widgets/elements to add to your repertoire as part of Elementor or Elementor Pro. These additional tools include advanced form styling tools, mega menu support, special video & gallery widget options, and more. It also includes the ability to copy your design from another site, add interactive particle backgrounds to any page, and white label your creations to expand your brand.

The premium Elementor add-on includes 100+ templates that do not require an additional subscription to access them as well as 200+ pre-built content blocks that can be easily added to any page.


JetPlugins offers both paid and premium plugins that both add additional functionality to Elementor and expand the usability of Elementor with custom elements throughout your site. You can choose to purchase or download individual plugins, or get all 20 for $130 per year for a single site, $265 per year for unlimited sites, or $750 one-time for lifetime unlimited site licenses.

JetPlugins expands past just adding elements to Elementor, although JetElements does add 44 premium elements to the page builder. The plugins add functionality for dynamic elements and posts, interactive widgets that let you upgrade your header & footer, WooBuilder to create custom product pages or upsell pages, and a variety of other interactive or dynamic widgets to use throughout your whole site – not just individual pages.

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